How often should you replace your pillows

how often should you replace your pillow
how often should you replace your pillow

When was the last time you changed the pillow? If you have doubted it is that perhaps you need to renew the pillow. We teach you why its care is important, aim!

While we sleep, the body continues to function in order to recover strength for the next day. Thanks to sleep, memory and learning function are improved, defenses against diseases are strengthened, blood pressure is lowered and it even allows our joints and muscles to relax. Therefore, a good rest is, without a doubt, synonymous with health and well-being both physically and mentally.

But, it is true that we do not always rest as we would like. Stress, work, the heat in summer , the increased use of screens… are some of the elements that make it difficult to rest. Although it is true that if we do not take care of the mattress , the bedding or the pillow , it will be difficult for us to improve our rest.


Just as we change the textiles of the bed or the mattress, we must also do the same with the pillow. Although there is no stipulated time to change it, as with mattresses, it is true that it is recommended to renew it approximately every 2 years.

The life span of pillows is shorter than mattresses. But why? According to the National Sleep Foundation , pillows tend to concentrate a greater number of mites and dead cells, which can generate bad odors and, therefore, lead to a worse rest. Also, with the passage of time, the pillows lose stiffness earlier, being another factor that considerably hinders sleep.


In general, all pillows last the same whether they are latex or memory foam. If we notice some of these problems, then we must renew the pillow as soon as possible:

  • Back or neck pain.
  • Insomnia.
  • sweat during the night
  • muscle fatigue
  • Constant headache.
  • Respiratory problems due to mites.


If we are going to renew our pillow, we must take into account some factors when purchasing it. According to the National Sleep Foundation, before buying a pillow it is important to detect if we have back problems, sleep apnea or gastroesophageal reflux problems. Other relevant factors when choosing a pillow according to Maxmattress are:

  1. Position: if we sleep on our back, we will need a pillow of medium firmness to avoid cervical problems. In the case of sleeping on the side, which is the most common, we can bet on a medium-high firmness pillow. For those who prefer to sleep on their stomach, from Maxmattress they recommend a short and soft pillow.
  2. Size: this will depend on the dimensions of the bed we have. We must measure the space we have available and then choose the pillow.
  3. Firmness : it is somewhat related to the muscular problems that we may have, age and of course our tastes of rest. For example, there are people who have cervical problems and need specific pillows.
  4. Breathability: it is important in pillows so that we can rest better.


So that the pillows last us a long time, and above all we can rest better, we must take care of them. These are some recommendations that we must follow:

  • Add a protective cover between the pillow and the pillowcase.
  • Wash the pillows if possible, and this is indicated on the manufacturer’s label.
  • Shake the pillows frequently to remove traces of dirt.
  • Be constant with the cleaning of the pillow protector and the cover to avoid the appearance of yellow stains, and eliminate viruses.

Rest is extremely important in order to keep our defenses up and be more productive during the day. Pay attention to your pillow to have a well-deserved sleep.