How to make a pillowcase

Pillowcases, are necessary to protect, and at the same time decorate the pillows just as we can get with the sofa covers as far as the sofa is concerned, and although we can find many models in home stores, we can also try to make them with our own means. Let’s see then below, how to make pillowcases: ideas and decoration.

Pillowcases are elements that can add a very special level of aesthetics and personalization to your room. However, it is often difficult to find a suitable design or sizes in stores. The good thing is that they are very easy to make so, if you find yourself in this situation, today we will show you how to make both basic and decorative style pillowcases.

How to make a pillowcase

For a simple pillow design the most important step is undoubtedly choosing the fabric. In it will reside all the magic of the pillowcase, whether for its touch, its comfort and, of course, its color. Regarding the latter, it is best to choose in relation to the tones of the room and also to the bedding. We don’t want a pillow that doesn’t match. You will also have to make sure that it is an easy to wash fabric, at least if you are going to use it to sleep and that it is also an easy to sew or manipulate fabric because if you choose a very thick one, you may end up getting tired of the effort you will have to make to sew it.

How to make a pillowcase

To make the pillow, we will need about two meters of fabric. Once we have it, the first step is to cut it to the size we want (or to the size of our pillow). It depends mainly on the size of our bed, but generally, for a pillowcase, a piece of 115×90 centimeters will do. Cut the fabric to the right size. When making the cut, make sure to respect the texture and pattern of the fabric, if it has a print.

The second step is to fold the fabric in half lengthwise so that the back, the unfinished side, is facing out. Now we will sew on the long side and then on one of the short sides. To sew it we can do it either by hand or using a sewing machine and remember to use a thread that is discreet, so that it does not show on the fabric. If you know how to sew you can try to make a nice stitch, such as a scallop stitch, but if what you want is to sew the fabric without showing the stitch, it will be enough to sew with an inside stitch that is basic.

Once we have sewn all the marked sides, we should have one of the sides open, where we will have to make a hem. Starting with a fold of a centimeter and a half to then iron it and, thus, leave the mark. Then we make a second fold, this time of eight centimeters, and iron it again. Now it is time to sew the base of the hem by hand or by machine.

If you want to add other details to your pillowcase, you can add decorative elements. Bows, borders or small fabric trims, to make them stand out on it (especially if you have chosen a single color base fabric).

Once we are completely finished, it will be enough to place the pillowcase on the pillow. Before you have sewn it completely, however, or in the middle of the work, it may be a good idea to check how it will be placed on the pillow, as in this way we will be convinced if the fabric chosen is really the right one or if for example perhaps the measurements are not correct (something that usually happens very often but it is also possible that it happens).

How to decorate pillowcases

If our pillow in addition to its function of covering the pillow, will have a decorative function, then better follow these other steps that we are going to offer below. The first of all, will obviously be to do as before and choose the right fabric. Since this is a pillow for aesthetic purposes, take the opportunity to choose a design with interesting prints or patterns or, directly, create your own. For example, you can choose one fabric for the main section of the pillowcase, another to make a border at the openings and a last one to add decorative elements. If this last idea is the one you want to pursue, then it is best that your fabrics are solid color, and from a matching palette, or that the prints are not excessive. As for the borders, we can tell you that the best option in this case will be to choose fabrics that are lacy, or you may also like the idea of sewing bangs, keeping in mind that these are now trending.

How to Make a pillowcase
How to make a pillowcase

The next step will be to cut the fabric to the right size. For a normal pillow, we will need the main fabric to measure 65×110 centimeters, the border fabric 30×110 centimeters and the decorations 50×110 centimeters. When we have them all, we will iron them all and the trimming fabric will be folded.

Next, we will place the second fabric inside out and align the trim fabric over the bottom edge. Then we place on top, also aligning it to the bottom edge, the main piece of fabric. We proceed to fix it in position with needles. Place the medium fabric piece with the front side facing up on your work surface. Align the trim fabric with the edge of the medium piece, so that the cut sides are on the outside and the folded edge is on the inside. Finally, stretch the large piece over the medium and trim fabrics, obverse side down.

Very carefully, we will take the opposite end of the main fabric and begin to roll it up until it is one centimeter away from our needles. Without letting go, we will fold the medium fabric on top of that “roll” until we reach the edge. Now, we will fasten it all with more needles.

Now it’s time to sew this edge we have made. We can do it either by machine or by hand, the important thing is that the seam is a centimeter and a half from the edge of the fabric. We must also make sure that we sew all the layers of fabric and that the seam is as straight as possible.

Again we go very carefully to undo the roll of fabric. The idea is to turn it inside out so that the inner fabric, the big one, comes out. We gently stretch and iron the cover so that all the pieces of fabric are smooth and without needles. If we have done well up to this point, we can begin to appreciate the finish of our design.